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Digital Ink Wins Fourth Web Excellence Award

by Sarah-Leah Thompson

Once again, we are proud to announce that Digital Ink has won a Web Excellence Award! We’re honored to have received the award for the redesign of the Family Values @ Work website. Previously Digital Ink has received three other awards which you can learn more about here

Web Excellence Awards is a leading international interactive web awards competition, that highlights the “best of the best” in web design, development, and digital marketing.

The 8th Web Excellence Awards competition saw over 1,200 entries from 39 countries worldwide, including 47 US States and other countries such as Australia, Canada, the UK, Israel, New Zealand, Poland, India, Turkey, and Germany. Winners are selected by marketing gurus, advertisers, communications specialists, and web experts. These experts base their evaluation on the innovation, creativity, implementation, and impact of all the projects submitted.

Family Value @ Work’s Story

Family Values @ Work (FV@W) is a national network of 27 state and local coalitions helping spur the growing movement for family-friendly workplace policies. These policies include paid sick days and family leave insurance with the goal of ensuring better individual and public health, and greater financial security for families, businesses and the nation.

In 2022, FV@W needed a new website that better presented their impactful mission, timeline of wins, and library of testimonials from individuals who have had to fight for their families.

The new website also had to be mobile responsive, interactive, and accessible. Every single Digital Ink website inherently meets these needs; however, the FV@W website took accessibility to the next level.

The site was built with a number of inclusive features, including:

This ensures no user is left unaccounted for when using the website. Learn more about how you can grade your site’s accessibility score here.

We’re always grateful for opportunities to work with mission-driven organizations and help them share their story.

What’s Your Story? If you’re ready to redesign your website or improve your digital marketing, reach out to us. (You just may end up receiving a Web Excellence award of your own along the way!)

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