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5 Facebook Cover Photos That Work (And Why)

by Barbara Boyer

Facebook cover photos are prime real estate for any business on the social network, yet for whatever reason many companies don’t take advantage of the opportunity.

Your cover photo is a chance for your company to show off your creative side, promote what you do and even advertise specials.

So how can you best use your Facebook cover photo to promote your business? In order help illustrate how to take advantage of this space, let’s take a look at five cover photos that work and explain why.


For consumers, first impressions mean a lot — and with this cute cartoon Dropbox comes off as an extremely likeable brand. This is a good example of how having fun and keeping it simple can do wonders.

This simply adorable illustration makes a relatively boring service (file hosting and sharing) amusing and accessible. By aligning their cover photo with their Twitter background, they help keep their branding consistent.


It should come as no surprise that iStock has a good cover photo; their entire website is photos.

It makes sense that they would use this area to showcase their products, but this is a concept all companies can use. It’s a smart idea to show your fans your new products or services, demonstrating what you do or create.

I have found that most clothing companies are excellent at not only at featuring their product in their cover photo, but also at promoting the lifestyle they’re selling.

Levi’s is no exception. While they are not the first to use this gimmick, I do enjoy how Levi’s incorporates their profile picture with their cover photo.

The charity organization Livestrong takes this one step further by carrying it over to the Facebook apps section, a simple but creative trick to help inspire fans to check out features of their page.


It is a fun and smart thing for businesses to celebrate anniversaries or milestones on Facebook, and using their cover photo area to either have some fun or to thank your customers and fans for the support.

The clothing store C. Wonder does a great job celebrating the company’s birthday with this simple and cute confetti filled cover photo. The clean typography even motivates fans of the page to come to the store to celebrate (and possibly shop).


During specific seasons or around specific events, it makes sense for companies to change  their cover photo. Zipcar’s cover photo during the holidays was wonderful, with their oh-so-familiar scene of a exhausted family asleep at a airport terminal.

In addition to showing their holiday spirit, they are informing fans of of a great new service they provide. My all-time favorite Zipcar cover photos have been when they pair a clever saying with a great image for a big impact. These cover photos do way more than showing where their cars can take you they depict memories in the making.

ZipCar1ZipCar2 ZipCar3

At its core, a great Facebook cover photo is a strong representation of your brand. Since the possibilities are endless, remember to have fun and use it to its full potential.

When in doubt about what to do — just keep it simple. Remember, this is a great place to promote a product, a contest, or even a hashtag, and don’t forget to change it up from time to time.

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