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4 Must-Use Mailchimp Tips for Better Email Performance

by Jason Unger, Founder

There are tons of email marketing services out there, but our favorite, by far, is Mailchimp. Mailchimp offers customizable email templates, great tracking for opens and click-throughs, and easy integration into WordPress-powered sites.

Because we love it so much, we wanted to share some of our favorite tips and tricks for getting the most out of Mailchimp.

Segment Your Lists for Targeted Marketing

Creating marketing segments is a great solution for making sure your audience is receiving the content that appeals to them.

Not every user likes everything your business has to offer and you don’t want to bombard them with emails that don’t appeal to them. Mailchimp allows you to create and email specific marketing segments, alleviating the concern that you are bombarding your audience.

Here’s the effect they say segmentation has on your email’s performance:

Opens: 14.444% better than the list average
Clicks: 14.994% better than the list average
Bounces: 0.803% better than the list average
Abuse Reports: 0.010% better than the list average
Unsubs: 0.632% worse than the list average

Run a Reactivation Campaign

Do you feel like your newsletters are in an “open rate rut?” It’s possible that you have too many inactive subscribers on your list.

With Mailchimp’s targeting, you can run a reactivation campaign where you email users who have not been active to see if they are still interested in being on your list. While you may lose some subscribers, at least you know they are “dead weight.” This will also help to improve your open rates, as you’re targeting users who are more interested in what you’re offering.

Check out more details, and examples of emails to use in a reactive campaign, here.

Set Tracking Code

It’s incredibly easy to integrate Mailchimp with Google Analytics. Once your accounts are connected, setting the campaign tracking code allows you to give each email a specific campaign title and follow-up in Google Analytics so you can see exactly how many people were brought to your website from each email.

This is a must for every email you send.

Target Audience Advertising

One of the newest capabilities rolled out by Mailchimp is integration with your advertising campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. Specifically, you can now take your Mailchimp list and connect it to your social media ads, giving you the ability to only target Facebook and Twitter users who are on your list.

If Facebook and/or Twitter can match the email address in your list with the user accounts in their database, you can ensure your promotions are being seen by the people most interested in your product — your email subscribers.

Here’s more info from Mailchimp on this awesome feature.

Interested in more key Mailchimp tips? Check out these 7 Tips & Tricks for Better Email Marketing.

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