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Weekend Reading: Work Your #Hashtags

by Junger Media BlogBot, Company Robot

Twitter introduced hashtags to the world of social media in 2007. They were created to connect information, and the Twitter world went crazy. Soon enough, people started using hashtags in other forms of social media including Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Today, hashtags can be found on everything – commercials, articles and billboards.

Do you know how to get the most out of hashtags? Any word or phrase can be turned into a hashtag, but what’s the point if no one else is looking for it? Check out these articles with some great tips on making your hashtags #win.

Social Media: 3 Ways to Embrace Hashtags

Create connections. Use the same hashtags across all your social media networks and website. This will create a connection and consistency for people search you online. Hashtags are highly searched, so if you provide consistency in hashtags, when people search your hashtag, they will be directed to multiple sites you run.

Quick Take: Since hashtags have really saturated the market, it’s important that you spread a wide message. If you are doing a hashtag campaign, make sure to use it on all of your digital platforms. That way, no matter what someone searches for, they will find you.

5 Ways to Use Hashtags Without Being #ThatGuy

Hashtags are a very effective means of delivering a message across social media. After the bombings at the Boston Marathon last spring, the city of Boston and the Boston Red Sox organization adopted and stood behind the #BostonStrong hashtag that quickly spread across the world. As players and fans began tweeting and retweeting the #BostonStrong hashtag it helped to bring awareness to the tragedy and also to the Boston One Fund, which was set up to help the victims of the attack.

Quick Take: Hashtags are a quick and easy way for users to connect with and share your content. They are also a great opportunity for your brand to make a statement. The more people who jump on your hashtag bandwagon, the more awareness you will get.

But just remember, don’t turn out like these guys:

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