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10 Twitter Accounts #Winning at Marketing

by Rachel Pluck

When it comes to using social media, some brands really get it.

They understand that Twitter isn’t a place for blanket advertisements and sales messages.

Rather, the social network is the perfect place to connect with customers, answer questions, resolve complaints and sometimes sell in a way that makes sense and isn’t off-putting.

Here’s our list of the top 10 brands killing it on Twitter, why they’re doing so well and how you can copy their strategy to win at social media marketing, too.

The comedians

1. Wendy’s

Although this fast food restaurant is known for its popular Frosty treat, the Wendy’s Twitter account is known for roasting Twitter users with some of the hottest clap-backs of all time.

Aside from the shear brand awareness they’ve garnered, both on Twitter and through other media attention they’ve received, this approach has helped the restaurant chain to connect directly with its audience in a way never really seen before.

Wendy’s performs the best when they’re able to engage with their followers or jump into other conversations about their brand and do so in a humorous way.

The takeaway: Don’t be afraid to think outside the box with your social content. Stay on brand, but don’t be as rigid as you would be in a print ad or TV commercial.

2. DiGiorno Pizza

Everyone knows that the marketing geniuses behind the Wendy’s Twitter account are hilarious, but have you checked out DiGiorno lately?

While their message always stays on brand (because who wouldn’t want to talk about pizza all day?!) they mix it up, finding unique and funny ways to jump onto trending topics and hashtags so they’re not constantly bombarding their followers with brand-centric tweets.

The takeaway: Change things up! Your Twitter strategy needs to be fluid and able to adapt to market changes.

3. Charmin

Let’s be honest, for most of us, tweeting about toilet paper doesn’t seem like a dream job, but the social media team at Charmin have done a great job of making it cool to #tweetfromtheseat.

They offer up a variety of content, from humorous, toilet-centric tweets to engaging conversations with their followers, making a visit to their timeline worthwhile.

The takeaway: Sometimes your brand message won’t always feel sexy or cool, so don’t shy away from getting creative.

4. Taco Bell

Taco Bell is another great example of a brand using humor to better connect with its audience.

Taco Bell avoids publishing sales-y messages in favor of retweeting brand loyal fans, allowing them to thank their brand ambassadors and cultivate new customers at the same time. They also know that their audience trends younger and have adapted their voice to suit a millennial-rich customer base.

The takeaway: Think about the people who are buying your product or service when crafting your social content.

5. Netflix

As home to a seemingly endless list of movies and TV shows, Netflix could easily spend their time on Twitter simply promoting their titles, but that definitely wouldn’t have gotten them 4.38M followers.

Instead, Netflix shamelessly embraces the stereotypes of their audience and the trending hashtags about their platform to create content that both engages and maximizes the reach of their brand.

The takeaway: Listen to what people are saying about your brand and find ways to make it work for you.

The customer service pros

6. JetBlue

JetBlue is a great example of a brand that is killing customer service on Twitter.

Dealing with frustrated travelers is no joke, but this airline is committed to being extremely responsive on the platform, offering engaging conversation or assistance in a timely manner. In the example below, JetBlue responded to a customer question within less than 5 minutes!

The takeaway: Be prepared. People aren’t always going to like you or your product. Have a plan in place to handle complaints.

7. Starbucks

Whether you’re a coffee drinker or not, you have to appreciate Starbucks’ Twitter game.

Aside from their killer content strategy that mixes up regular tweets, photos, graphics, videos and GIFs, they really make a point to interact with their followers on the platform. Consider that the bulk of their 119k tweets (and counting) are retweets and @ replies, making them a great example of a huge brand that doesn’t forget about the people that really matter, their customers.

The takeaway: Be proactive. Find new ways to positively interact with your audience, regardless of what they’re saying.

8. Nike Support

With as many niche markets as Nike serves, it makes sense that they’ve created multiple Twitter handles dedicated to different facets of their brand, with one of their best accounts being the one entirely dedicated to customer service.

Since launching in 2008, @NikeSupport has sent over 512k tweets, each of which was devoted to improving customer experience with their products and service, and is available seven days a week in six different languages. If that isn’t impressive, we don’t know what is!

The takeaway: Be available. We understand that most brands won’t be able to have 24/7 service in six languages, but find a rhythm that works for you and your team so you can respond to customers in a timely manner.

9. Lululemon

The folks at lululemon are extremely active on Twitter, and most of their efforts are directed towards interacting with their customers. In fact, they typically send more than 100 replies per day!

While some tweets are offering assistance and solutions to customer problems, a lot are also striking up conversations with potential buyers to help encourage them to convert.

The takeaway: Listen. Listen. Listen. You can’t control your brand conversation if you don’t know what anyone is saying.

10. Zappos

Zappos combines the art of being funny on Twitter with offering great customer support. The brand itself is known for being quirky, so it makes sense that they’re willing to get a little silly, especially when interacting directly with their customers.

The takeaway: Don’t be afraid to be yourself, even when you’re dealing with challenging or dissatisfied customers.

What are your favorite brands to follow on Twitter? Tweet them to us!

Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash

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