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3 Text-to-Speech Tools to Improve Your Website’s Accessibility

by Missy Mandell Tucker, Digital Operations Manager

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch via Pexels

There are a number of different factors that contribute to website accessibility: content structure, alternative text, keyboard accessibility, contrast for users with low vision or vision impairment, descriptive links, responsive design – the list goes on and on.

Text-to-speech, an assistive tool that turns digital, written text into an audio output, can be an important part of your website’s accessibility.

As an accessibility tool, text-to-speech can increase user engagement by offering an alternative means of consuming content, improving comprehension and usability for users with cognitive disabilities like dyslexia or aphasia, and improving comprehension for non-native English speakers or people with limited literacy skills.

If you are looking into adding a text-to-speech accessibility tool to your website, here are three options to consider.


ResponsiveVoice offers real-time text-to-speech to any website and offers voice over recording for videos.


  1. Has an HTML-based plugin for WordPress
  2. Offers multiple languages and voices, allowing for individuals to customize the audio they hear
  3. Has a customizable button and text, ensuring the plugin fits in seamlessly within your site
  4. Easy to install for all skill levels


  1. There are accuracy issues in some of the languages offered
  2. The free version has limited customization compared to the paid version


The free plan has some usage requirements and limits, while the paid plan ($39/month) offers more flexibility and customization.


Play.ht converts text to audio in a number of different formats, including an embedded audio player, podcast creator, and article reader.


  1. Offers 800+ voices, catering to a wide variety of preferences and personalization
  2. Allows users to share articles as audio or as a podcast
  3. Has a customizable embedded audio player


  1. There are accuracy issues in some of the languages offered
  2. Subscription is required


The plugin is free, with a 12,500 character limit per month and commercial use is not permitted, while the paid plan ($14.25/month) has premium voices, unlimited projects and downloads, and a commercial license.


Voicemod has a library of sounds and recordings and offers real time text-to-audio conversion.


  1. There are a variety of voice effects and modifications.
  2. Allows recording and embedding audio in WordPress.
  3. Offers real time voice conversion capability.


  1. Focuses on voice effects rather than pure Text-to-Speech.
  2. It may require additional plugins or integrations for full functionality.


The free plan is more of a limited demo, while the paid plan (a one time purchase of $52) unlocks all voice, customization, and monetization features.

Text-to-Speech: Still a Work in Progress

When implementing any text-to-speech option, there will be pros and cons. While you’re likely to have more accessible website content, an enhanced user experience, and increased reach and engagement, the voices can still sound artificial, with pronunciation and compatibility issues.

If you are looking into text-to-speech options, think about what would be most beneficial to your audience. Take a deeper look at these options and if you need help figuring out how to make your website more accessible, reach out to us! We are here to help make your website dreams a reality.

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