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Designing Infographics: NFL Combine’s 40-Yard Dash

by Jason Unger, Founder

Photo by Adrian Curiel via Unsplash

Infographics have quickly become one of the best ways to share data, research and knowledge online. They’re not new, but have proliferated online as websites work to share their content in visually-appealing ways.

They’re easy to read, stand out from plain-text content and articles, and are easy to share.

We’re happy to share the first infographic we’ve designed, this one for our clients at Fanspeak.com. With the upcoming NFL Scouting Combine – where players entering the NFL Draft work out for prospective teams – they wanted to analyze the importance of one of the Combine’s most closely-watched events: the 40-yard dash.

Do the players who run the best 40-yard dash succeed in the NFL? Is there any correlation between the two?

They gathered the data, and we went about designing it. When you’re designing an infographic, you want to make sure that the information is displayed purposefully, so the point of the piece is easily understood. You have to strike a balance between data and graphics – nothing can be placed arbitrarily.

In this case, it made sense to use a modified bar chart, both because of the effectiveness of displaying the data and because it resembled a track – like the one where players in the Combine run the 40-yard dash.

Check out the final product below.

Does Combine 40 Time Mean Success in the NFL? From Fanspeak.com

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