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Stop Making These Common Digital Marketing Mistakes

by Jason Unger, Founder

Photo by Sarah Kilian via Unsplash

We’ve all seen marketing fails before; the campaign that offends its target audience, the new product that has no value, or the poorly-timed tweet.

When it comes to your digital marketing efforts, don’t be that person who’s making simplistic, easy-to-avoid mistakes.

The impact of your work is entirely proportional to the effort you put into it.

Here are common digital marketing mistakes you should avoid.

Not Adjusting Your Social Media Content for Each Platform

Each social media platform is different, from the content format to the audience to the posting best practices.

What works on LinkedIn doesn’t work on Instagram, which may not work on Facebook.

If you’re going to post on multiple social media platforms, then you need to adjust the way you position your content on each site.

  • Links to your blog posts don’t work great on Instagram.
  • Photos and captions don’t always perform on LinkedIn.
  • Short, pithy statements are better on Twitter than on Facebook.
  • Image dimensions differ; 1080×1080 works best for Instagram, and 1920×1080 is best for LinkedIn.

Spend the time to rework your social media content before posting. It takes work, but it’ll pay off.

(Only have 30 minutes a day for social media? Here’s what you should do.)

Not Thoroughly Reviewing Your Email Marketing

If your emails contain typos, broken links, or out-of-date content, it’s incredibly obvious to your community that you’re not thoroughly reviewing your work.

  • Read every sentence. Then read them again.
  • Click every link. Yes, literally every link. Including linked images.
  • Check your dates. If you’re prepping an email days in advance, make sure you’re using the date it’ll be sent out. Or use this date merge tag.
  • Make sure your images are sized correctly. Don’t settle for ‘good enough’. It’s not good enough.
  • And – even though it’s almost embarrassing this has to be said – make sure you’re mailing to the right audience.

Mistakes happen – like when the intern sends a blank email to your list – and we all understand that.

But laziness is something you can avoid. Put in the work and review everything you email.

Assuming You Have Your Audience’s Undivided Attention

At any given moment, there are so many things competing for your audience’s attention.

  • If they’re on a computer, how many tabs do they have open? What’s preventing them from clicking a link or going to a new website?
  • If they’re on their phone, what are the chances they get a notification while reading your email? What’s preventing them from switching to a different app?

Your audience wants to interact with your content on their own terms – when they have the time and the attention span to do it.

Don’t assume otherwise.

Your marketing efforts are important to you; you need to realize that your audience is interested in what’s important to them.

Looking for more mistakes to avoid? We’ve discussed blogging mistakes, typography mistakes, WordPress mistakes, and graphic design mistakes.

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