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The Next Evolution of Junger Media

by Jason Unger, Founder

We’ve got some big news to announce, and I’m so excited to share it.

For the better part of the past year, we’ve been working to better define who we are as a business, the value that we provide to our partners and clients, and how we can better stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

When I started Junger Media in the basement of my house, we focused solely on maintaining and developing websites based on WordPress, the easiest-to-use and increasingly popular content management system. We hitched our wagon on to the right horse, and today, WordPress powers 25% of the entire Internet.

Yes, the entire Internet.

But along the way, we started to see some trends that we didn’t necessarily want to be a part of. As I’ve written about before, the market has been saturated with poorly written and difficult-to-use WordPress themes, and while there’s a market for customers who want to purchase them — and that’s OK — it’s not something we are interested in working (or competing) with.

Thankfully, we have one of the most talented graphic designers I’ve ever seen on staff — our Creative Director, Jason Forrest — who allows us to differentiate our work and provide a ton of unique value to our clients.

Over the past two years, since Forrest officially came onboard, our graphic design business has exploded. We’ve built new brands; we’ve designed print products for conferences, ad campaigns, and marketing initiatives; and we’ve designed and re-designed dozens of websites.

We’re not just a WordPress shop anymore. Though it’s still (and will continue to be) the software we exclusively use in building websites, we’ve become way more than that.

We are a digital and creative services firm that provides innovative products for our partners, and we’re changing our identity to align with that value and mission.

I’m excited to announce that, come January 1, 2016, we will no longer be known as Junger Media.

We are Digital Ink.


The new name reflects our core strengths — digital and creative development — and sets us up for continued growth providing unique, custom designed products, from WordPress-powered websites to print and digital graphic design.

I’m beyond excited about the change, and think you will be, too.

We’ve got plenty of exciting work to keep us busy, and look forward to another year of building and developing innovative products with our partners.

Thanks for reading, and for being a part of the ride.

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About Jason Unger

Jason Unger is the Founder of Digital Ink. He built his first website on Geocities, and hasn't looked back since. Digital Ink tells stories for forward-thinking businesses, mission-driven organizations, and marketing and technology agencies in need of a creative and digital partner.

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