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Weekend Reading: Digital Analytics

by Junger Media BlogBot, Company Robot
Weekend Reading

Did you miss us last week? We had a crazy snowstorm and we got caught up in our “snow day.” But don’t worry, it’s warming up and we’re back for another installment of Weekend Reading.

This week, we want to focus on digital analytics. Analyzing your digital presence is what will take your business to the next level. There are so many great, free resources that allow you to see how many people are coming to your website, how long they are staying  and what they are clicking on.

We’ll focus on some product specifics in another post, but first we wanted to share some tips to getting the most out of your data.

Google Analytics: February 2014 Product Update

Last year we released an improved version of user segmentation. It helps advertisers reach the right audience — say, all organic visitors who started on a certain page and then converted. This enhanced segmentation is now available right in Remarketing with Google Analytics.

Quick Take: Google Analytics is the top resource for analytics. It’s free and like other Google products it is very user-friendly. The Google team sends out a monthly analytics update with new and exciting features, as well as tips and secrets. If you haven’t signed up for these newsletters, do so today.

Marketing Analytics: A Must Have in 2014

The focus on analytics is not a mind-blowing realization in the marketing world. There has been greater importance placed on data reports, trends, and hard performance statistics for some time, as marketers work to determine the ROI of all aspects of a campaign from start to finish. As analytics become more advanced and campaigns continue to expand across multiple channels, however, the skills and experience may struggle to keep up.

Quick Take: You probably have a marketing team full of talented individuals. And there is probably someone on your team who is responsible for digital analytics. Make sure this individual is keeping an eye on all the latest trends and spending some professional development time on learning new data skills. As we move forward, the world of analytics is only going to get more intense, with more options available. Make sure your go-to data guru is up to date.

CDS Global Launches Marketing Database to Provide Clients With Actionable Customer Analytics

By integrating consumer data for a complete view of purchasing habits and behavior, Customer Insights delivers actionable business intelligence for companies to drive marketing campaign strategies that gain new customers and generate additional revenue.

Quick Take: This article offers a quick peak into the future of digital analytics. It isn’t all about website traffic. As the technology becomes more advanced, the more we will be able to gain from our analytics. By tracking user habits, sales and dislikes, your business will be able to create targeted campaigns specific to your audience.

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