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Link Roundup: Burger King Twitter Hack, Re-engaging Your Blog and Online Marketing Benefits

by Jason Unger, Founder

Wow – it’s Friday again. After a busy week here in the office, it’s time to do another link roundup with stories and advice for improving your business and outreach online.

burger-king-twitter-hack-response5 Lessons for Brands From the Burger King Twitter Hack
Burger King regained control of its Twitter account Monday night, after a day in which its feed was overtaken by hackers and made to look like McDonald’s. The breach began in the morning on Monday and lasted for hours. Hackers tweeted a flurry of messages, most of them made little sense and contained offensive language. By the afternoon, Twitter had suspended the account.

Quick take: If you didn’t see on Monday, a hacker got into Burger King’s Twitter account and began causing chaos. With many offices closed because of the holiday, it took awhile for the account to be shut down. Lessons here: always be watching your properties to ensure they’re in your control … and the bigger you are, the harder you fall.

7 Tips for Falling in Love with Your Blog All Over Again
Blogs and businesses in general are a lot like marriages. Sometimes you’ve got to put in a little extra work to keep that spark alive. If you could use a few ideas to re-romance your business blogging, you’re in the right spot. And if you’re still passionately in love, don’t worry … the same techniques that rekindle the spark can be used to keep that flame as bright as it is today.

Quick take: One of the most difficult things for any blogger to do – especially when you are just starting out and aren’t getting immediate feedback for your efforts – is to give up on your blogging efforts. It’s happened to most of us (myself included), but like any initiative you take, if you stick with it and continue moving forward, you’ll start to see results snowball. These are creative ideas for keeping your blog going.

3 Things That Make Online Marketing Outperform Traditional Advertising
Advertising online is very different from traditional advertising and that could be a good thing. It has almost become a catch phrase when people say that marketing is shifting online. It is really quite simple – where the eye balls go, that is where the marketing dollar is going.

Quick take: There’s obviously benefits to both online and offline advertising and, depending on your size, your target audience and your product, you should determine the right amount for each. My biggest takeaway from the benefits of online advertising (and marketing, and journalism for that matter) are the stats – knowing what’s working and what isn’t. You’ve got direct knowledge of a campaign’s performance and can adjust as appropriate. 

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